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Monthly initial files with CESM?

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Monthly initial files with CESM?

Hi there!

I am running CESM1.0.3 with the E compset, planning to do branch or hybrid runs off my control run. I have the flag set to give me monthly history files and monthly restart files, but we also want monthly initial files. According to documentation, the default is to give only yearly initial files. I've tried numerous things with no avail.

How do I get monthly initial files to spit out with CESM? Through reading online, I have found that there is a 'inithist' flag in the CAM namelist. How do I or where do I change that when running through CESM?



Hey Kelsey,

Check out this presentation by Cecile Hannay:

Slides 19-25 or so should be helpful. You need to add inithist = 'MONTHLY' to CAM_NAMELIST_OPTS before configuring. You can do this through the env_conf.xml script that is automatically built, as long as you're using the standard CESM build routines.



Hey Dima!

THANK-YOU! Got it now!


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