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unrealistic surface temperature for running a TWP-ICE case with SCAM

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unrealistic surface temperature for running a TWP-ICE case with SCAM

Hi, my group has encountered a problem when trying to use the advective forcing provided by the ARM campaign to drive SCAM (built from CESM1.0.3).
The main issue is that SCAM reads in unrealistic surface temperature as initial condition and later-on integration, which is as low as 200K, though the compilation is passed.
The dataset is derived from TWP-ICE with originally 41 levels. And we adopted only those variables essential for SCAM runs and let SCAM to build what's necessary for a 30-level run. This unrealistic surface temperature makes us suspecting there is something wrong in interpolating and feeding the data to SCAM.
Thus we are wondering
* how does the SCAM/CLM read in the surface temperature from the IOP data? In which file it is dealt with?
Especially, which variable in the IOP data file is crucial for SCAM/CLM to read in as the initial surface condition?

Any suggestion will be very appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help!!


I believe this was a bug in the scam code for earlier versions of CAM/CESM.  This is fixed now.



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