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CESM1.0.3 PIO compilation error

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CESM1.0.3 PIO compilation error

I originally posted this to the General Discussion board, but I think it's more appropriate for this discussion:

I'm trying to port CESM1.0.3 to a Linux cluster using Intel compilers. When compiling PIO, it trips up on compiling pio_msg_callbacks.F90. The compile command is:

mpif90 -c -I/usr/local/include -DSYSLINUX -DLINUX -DCPRUNKNOWNCPR -DSPMD -DHAVE_MPI -DUSEMPIIO -D_NETCDF -D_NOPNETCDF -D_NOUSEMCT -D_USEBOX -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/local/include pio_msg_callbacks.F90

And one of the errors that it sends back is:

pio_msg_callbacks.F90(12): error #6457: This derived type name has not been declared. [FILE_DESC_T]
type(file_desc_t), pointer :: file

Has anybody else gotten this error before and know what to do to fix it? Thanks!


I suspect that you are using a pgi compiler in the 11.x version. It's broken.

CESM Software Engineer


Nope, definitely Intel compilers: ifort version 12.0.2 and icc version 12.1.0. Could there be a problem with the version difference between ifort and icc?


This is also an issue in the 12.0.x series of intel compiler. Fixed in 12.1.x

CESM Software Engineer

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