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CESM Porting

Hi, I have troubles porting CESM to my local machine for a long time. Could someone please help me?

I chose to port via ‘user defined machine files’. I have chosen edinburgh_intel as a start. But what I’m not sure is which are the fields in config_machines.xml, env_machopts, Macros, and mkbatch files that need to be modified to suit my machine. (‘ review and edit as needed’ is what the user guide said, but I have actually no much idea what is needed.) I have attached the files here, will it be possible to highlight for me which part of the files are machine specific that I should change or pay attention to? Thank you so much!


Most of the changes should be pretty obvious, for example in env_machopts the first line is the path to your intel compiler. If your machine uses modules you may want to replace that path with a module load as is done in many of the other machine files. Next you need the path to NETCDF on your machine. In config_machines.xml you need to create a new entry with your machine filling in all of the arguments with your local settings. mkbatch depends on the batch environment that you have, macros defines the compiler flags. You really need experience with running cesm and experience running on your machine, if you have one but not both you have some work ahead of you but you can do it. If you don't have either this may not be an appropriate task for you.

CESM Software Engineer

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