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SCAM run crashes because "model time does not fall within IOP period"

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SCAM run crashes because "model time does not fall within IOP period"


For development of a new CESM / CAM module I would like to run CESM as SCAM to make testing more efficient. I tried the following with CESM1.0.4 on bluefire:

./create_newcase -case /glade/home/andreasb/testgec01 -compset F_2000 -pecount S -res T31_T31 -pts_lat 40 -pts_lon 0 -mach bluefire
and then choose the euler core:
./xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id CAM_DYCORE -val eul

Configures and compiles fine, but the run crashes during initialization:

Error::setiopupdate: Current model time does not fall within IOP period
Current CAM Date is 10101 and 0 seconds
IOP start is 19950718 and 19800 seconds
IOP end is 19950804 and 63000 seconds
ENDRUN: called without a message string

Note that the date looks really strange... Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong? I am not concerned about the compset or resolution (pt1 does not work!) - so if something else would work that would be fine.

Andreas (NCAR-HAO)


Hi Andreas:

Sorry for the late reply:  When you compile the model for single column mode the atmospheric component CAM is configured to use an IOP file to get the large scale advective tendencies on T and Q.
The default IOP for CAM is the ARM iop file located in inputdata/atm/cam/scam/iop/  Each of the IOP files has a date and location associated with it.  For ARM that period is 19950718 19800 seconds to 19950804 and 63000 seconds and the advective forcing will be from the ARM site which is -97.49 lon 36.61 lat.  Your model error is telling you that CAM is configured to start from the date 00010101 and the IOP forcing file only has data from 1995.  To get this to run you need to change the date in the drv_in file or you can set it before you build via the env_conf.xml file.

./xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id RUN_STARTDATE -val 1995-07-19

This should get you past the date error but CESM doesn't really support running CAM in single column mode from any compset.  This is something we are working on.  You might be able to get to get this to work by making some code/script changes on your own though.  You probably also want to change the scm_lat and scm_lon values in drv_in to correspond to your IOP lat and lon.  There are more IOP files in the repository.  The newer versions of CESM/CAM need the files to have 4 digit years and have names like  (  The older iopfiles have 2 digit years and work with older versions of CAM such as yours.



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