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WACCM error messages

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WACCM error messages

I have been trying to run WACCM in the version of CESM1_1 or cam5.2
However, I got trouble in running the cesm_setup (or setup) scrip
Here is what I did in the beginning, I created the case in this line:
create_newcase -case ../F1850Waccmf09g16 -compset F_1850_WACCM -res f09_g16 -mach nuwa-intel

then I got those error messages when I executed the scrip of cesm_setup or setup:

CAM build-namelist - ERROR: No default value found for ncdata
user defined attributes:
key=ic_md val=00010101
Died at /nuwa_cluster/home/lzl/cam5_2_00/models/atm/cam/bld/build-namelist line 3322.
ERROR: cam.buildnml.csh failed
ERROR: /nuwa_cluster/home/lzl/cam5_2_00/F1850Waccmf09g16/preview_namelists failed: 25344

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi, I had this same error. Do you know how to solve this one now?


Thanks very much for your help.

Jiarong Zhang

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