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Adding Yellowstone machine setting to previous CESM releases

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Adding Yellowstone machine setting to previous CESM releases

The most recent release of CESM, version 1_1 has several changes to machine specific files. The difference between 1_1 and the version that I have been using 1_0_3 are at least the following:

1. version 1_1 does not have Macros.$MACH files in the Machines subdirectory of ccsm_utils/
2. the env_machopts.$MACH and mkbatch.$MACH files are slightly different

For reasons that aren't important to this post, I am trying to stick to version 1_0_3 for now. What needs to be done to add the necessary machine specific files for Yellowstone to be compatible with the 1_0_3 release?

I tried copying the yellowstone settings from the 1_1 release into the 1_0_3 Machines subdirectory (with some modifications), but this was unsuccessful.


The quickest solution to the previous post is to use the CESM1.0.5 release that is available on Yellowstone in the directory:


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