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O3S and e90 tracers in CAM-Chem

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O3S and e90 tracers in CAM-Chem


I am doing some simulations using CAM-Chem with Specified Dynamics. My special interest is quantifying the relative contribution of stratospheric ozone intrusion to the tropospheric ozone variations. Tracers like E90 and O3S are very useful for my research. I found some information in Tilmes et al., 2016, saying that "14 artificial tracers are implemented as recommended by CCMI (Eyring et al., 2013, Sect. 4.2.1): NH5, NH50, NH50W, AOANH, ST8025, CO25, CO50, SO2t, SF6em, O3S, E90, E90NH, E90SH". However, these O3S and E90 tracers can not be output directly. I have tried with versions of cesm1.1.1, cesm1.1.2 and cesm1.2.2. I have also tried with different composets, but can not find any information in the CaseDocs and the Master fields in the atm.log files.

Could somebody help me with this issue for how to use the O3S and E90 tracers in CAM-Chem?

Thank you very much!



Hi Wuke,

The CCMI model code was not released so you cannot find those tracers. However, in our new CESM2 release, we included E90, ST80_25, AOA_NH into default CAMchem and WACCM mechanisms. If you check-out the new version, you should be able to get those. Regarding O3S, we are planning to have that implemented in the next release CESM2.1 in fall,


Dear Simone,

Thank you very much for the very useful information. However, this O3S tracer is really important for our current study, and waiting for the new release of CESM2.1 in fall is perhaps not a good idea. I was wondering, is it possible for us to use the CCMI code? If possible, could send it to my email Thank you very much anyway!

Best regards,



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