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ocean tracer count problem

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ocean tracer count problem

Hi everyone,

I have a (probably very easy-to-fix) issue with the passive tracers. I am new to pop model and i wanted to turn on abio_dic_dic14_on to .true. in the namelist to see the d14c variables.

I thought the model script would automatically increment the number of tracers (NT) accordingly but it doesnt happen in my case and i have runtime errors stating the mismatch between expected NT and cumulative NT.


I guess i am missing some other flags or code modifications to properly include the abio_dic_dic14 variables in my run. Can anyone point me to the right direction please?


Thanks a lot,



Hi Altug,


Rather than setting abio_dic_dic14_on in the namelist, you need to change OCN_TRACER_MODULES in env_run. Try running

 $ ./xmlchange -a OCN_TRACER_MODULES=abio_dic_dic14

 From your case directory (this will add "abio_dic_dic14" to the list of tracer modules in env_build.xml). You will need to rebuild your case:

 $ ./case_build --clean-all; ./case_build

 Also, you don't need to manually set abio_dic_dic14_on -- it will be set to true automatically based on this XML variable.

Michael Levy

CESM Software Engineering Group (CSEG)

ML-417, x1748


Thanks a lot Michael!


It worked now.

Additionally, how can i see C isotope outputs from my run? I'm interested in the C13, C14 fields, do i need to modify tavg namelists?




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