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offline CICE running problem

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offline CICE running problem

I  ran  the offline CICE model with compset D and res f19_g16 . 

The initial ice file and ocn files are binary format not the NC format . However, I want to change the ice inicial condition. So I changed the input files.

The initial files I used are :

 ice_ic = '../../../inputdata/ice/cice/'

 grid_file = '../../../inputdata/ocn/pop/gx1v6/grid/'

 kmt_file = '../../..//inputdata/ocn/pop/gx1v6/grid/'

ocn_domain = '../../../inputdata/share/domains/' 


But I came across the problem :


(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: (seq_domain_check_grid)  incompatible domain grid coordinates

(shr_sys_abort) WARNING: calling shr_mpi_abort() and stopping



I tried to modify the ocn grid file to maintain the grids equal to domain file. It also crashed.


could anybody give me some suggestions ?


Thanks in advance ~ 


The grid_file and kmt_file are not the same thing. The grid_file points to the POP horiz_grid file with the lats/lons/areas, etc. The kmt_file points to the topography file which is the depth of the ocean columns. Also, did you change grid_format to 'nc'? This might not be available in the version of the code you are running.



Also can I ask another question about output ?

I read the technote about CICE and want to add some namelist options such as Tfrzpt , oceanmixed_ice , sss_data_type, sst_data-type.

But after I added them in usr_nl_cice , it crashed :ERROR: in _validate_pair (package Build::NamelistDefinition): Variable name sss_data_type not found .

Then I checked in the cesm121/models/ice/cice/bld/namelist_files/namelist_definition.xml  , there does no information about them.

How do I set these namelist options ? Could you give me some suggestions ?



These should not be used within the CESM-CICE. The slab ocean model and SST are handled by the DOCN component in the CESM.



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