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ouput mapping file was NOT in CLM

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ouput mapping file was NOT in CLM

I'am stuck with a problem creating mappfing file in CLM at single point .when i run the command:


/home/lipan/cesm1_2_1/models/lnd/clm/tools/shared/mkmapdata/ --gridfile /home/lipan/cesm1_2_1/models/lnd/clm/tools/shared/mkmapgrids/ --res 1x1pt_CN-DHS --gridtype regional


 Starting weight generation with these inputs:


   Source File: /home/lipan/inputdata/lnd/clm2/mappingdata/grids/


   Destination File: /home/lipan/cesm1_2_1/models/lnd/clm/tools/shared/mkmapgrids/


   Weight File:


   Source File is in SCRIP format


   Source Grid is a global grid


   Source Grid is a logically rectangular grid


   Destination File is in SCRIP format


   Destination Grid is a regional grid


   Destination Grid is a logically rectangular grid


   Regrid Method: conserve


   Pole option: NONE


   Ignore unmapped destination points


   Norm Type: dstarea




 Completed weight generation successfully.


Output mapping file was NOT created:

Actually,the file named had been generated.Strangely,i had been running the command ( before the error appeared.Did someone had the same problem ,appreciate it from anyone's advise.















i also used the mpi to make mapping file,related code in the as follows:

 cmd="$mpirun -machinefile /home/lipan/myhost -n 24 $MY_ESMF_REGRID --ignore_unmapped -s ${INGRID[nfile]},-machinefile gives all  nodes and pes of our cluster.

I found when i gave up using mpi or used mpi whithout -machinefile ,then the code run successfully.did it mean the parameter  -machinefile cause the error?

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