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Paleoclimate Resources for CESM - Wiki on Github

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Paleoclimate Resources for CESM - Wiki on Github

A Paleoclimate Resources for CESM wiki has been established on GitHub.

This resource consists of:

  • A Frequently Asked Questions to guide users in creating paleoclimate simulations in the fully-coupled CESM1.2.
  • Scripts and programs described in the FAQs in the Codes section of the GitHub.
  • A User-Contributions section for users to contribute to this wiki by adding code, suggestions for alternate methods, corrections, or any helpful suggestions for other modelers who are attempting to use the CESM model for paleoclimate applications.


The 'Paleoclimate Resources for CESM' GitHub page can be accessed directly at:

or from the CESM Paleoclimate Working page by clicking on 'Paleo Resources' at:

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