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PFT transient simulate

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PFT transient simulate

Hi all,

  I am doing the pft transient experiment. It means that fixed atmosphere forcing, such as using Qian data in 2000, while the pft is transient, such as RCP26 from 1850 to 2100. Because of the long-time simulations, I divide the simulation into several times, 30-years each time with restarting files. While the outcome is very strange, I begin to think whether it is something wrong in my simulation process. I set up the pft data like this in each simulations: (IRCP26CLM45CN)




I have questions as follows:

 1) I do not know whether the output in one year corresponding to the year of pft. For example, output in 2000 corresponding to use pft in 2000, output in 2050 corresponding to 2050 pft. 

2) Because I divide the long-time simulation (1850~2100) into several times, the fpftdyn and fsurdat are the same setup, the only changes are the output date. I am not sure whether it is wron.

Thanks ahead for anyone who contribute to this question. Hopefully, we can discuss each other or send e-mail to me ( Thank you very much!


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