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Please try this test with CLM5

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Please try this test with CLM5


Please try this test with CLM5

I set a CLM50%SP case, forced with data atm, sea ice and ocean. The pre-industrial control work well. The surface data used is

Next, I only change all PCT_URBAN to zero, and add the percentage to the nature vegetation. Only three parameters are changed (PCT_URBAN, PCT_NAT_PFT, PCT_NATVEG).

When this modified surface conditions used in CLM5, the model crashes. The error message includes:

# of NaNs =            2

 Which are NaNs =  F T F T F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F



 gridcell index =         1459


 lnd_export                       ERROR: One or more of the output from CLM to the coupler are NaN

 ERROR: Unknown error submitted to shr_abort_abort.


How to resolve the problem?



Can you send me or make available to me the modified surface dataset you are trying to use?  I can try it here in my own case.




Thanks a lot for your relpy.

I send my ncl to your email address. The file is used to modify the surface input data . You can use it to create a new surface file. You can remove lake, urban, or crop to have a test run. You can see, no matter you change lake, urban or crop to zero, there are missing values from land to atmosphere. 

I have also tried to use the modified surface data in CLM-only simulations forced with data atmosphere, sea ice and ocean. CLM5 crashes due to the same problem.





I was able to replicate the error with clm4_5_18_r275 and the surface dataset created by your script.

However, your script had "umurad"  instead of "numrad" as a dimension.

When I fixed that in your script and created a new surface dataset, I was able to run for one month successfully.


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