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porting CCSM3 code from yellowstone to cheyenne

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porting CCSM3 code from yellowstone to cheyenne

Hi CESM Software Working Group,

I'm trying to port CCSM3 from yellowstone to cheyenne and I can get the model configured, but the model fails to build.

I documented what I did below.  It seems that additional changes need to be made in file modules.cheyenne. I would like to get some advice on this. 


The version of CCSM3 I'm trying to port is at /glade/p/cesm/cseg/releases/ccsm3_0_1_beta33

I was following the instruction---6.10 Adding a new machine to $CCSMROOT/ from the CCSM guide below:

Here is what I did:


  • edit $CCSMROOT/ccsm_utils/Tools/check_machine and add the cheyenne to the list named ``resok''. 

  • cd $CCSMROOT/scripts/ccsm_utils/Machines/ and copy yellowstone specific files into cheyenne specific files. 
    • cd $CCSMROOT/scripts/ccsm_utils/Machines/
    • cp env.linux.yellowstone env.linux.cheyenne
    • cp run.linux.yellowstone run.linux.cheyenne
    • cp batch.linux.yellowstone batch.linux.cheyenne            and "set mach = cheyenne"
    • cp l_archive.linux.yellowstone l_archive.linux.cheyenne           and "set mach = cheyenne"
    • For the modules, I copied that from the cesm1_2_2_1 (cesm1_2_2 for cheyenne)
    • cp $CCSMROOT_of_cesm1_2_2_1/scripts/ccsm_utils/Machines/env_mach_specific.cheyenne         modules.cheyenne
    • I also needs to revise modules.cheyenne to get it working as much as possible (I attached the revised file modules.cheyenne below)
    • I also copied the file "Macros" from one of my cheyenne cesm1_2_2_1 simulation to $CCSMROOT/models/bld/Macros.Linux (which I attached below)
    • cp $My_cesm1_2_1_1_CASEROOT/Macros           $CCSMROOT/models/bld/Macros.Linux

With all these modifications, I can configure CCSM3, but when I build the model, the model passes esmf, but failed to build for mph


sourcing modules.cheyenne


 Preparing component models for execution 


 - Create execution directories for atm,cpl,lnd,ice,ocn

 - If a restart run then copy restart files into executable directory 

ccsm_getrestart: get /glade/scratch/fenghe/b30.CHE restarts from /glade/scratch/fenghe/archive/b30.CHE/restart

 - Check validity of configuration

 - Determine if build must happen (env variable BLDTYPE)

 - Build flag (BLDTYPE) is TRUE

 - Build Libraries: esmf, mph, mct

Thu May 25 19:00:28 MDT 2017 esmf.buildlib.170525-190028

Thu May 25 19:00:33 MDT 2017 mph.buildlib.170525-190028

ERROR: mph.buildlib failed, see mph.buildlib.170525-190028


ERROR: cat /glade/scratch/fenghe/b30.CHE/mph/mph.buildlib.170525-190028


The error message for mph is copied below


Thu May 25 19:00:33 MDT 2017 mph.buildlib.170525-190028


ifort  -no-opt-dynamic-align  -fp-model source -convert big_endian -assume byterecl -ftz -traceback -assume realloc_lhs  -O2  -fixed -132    mph.f  

ifort: command line remark #10411: option '-no-opt-dynamic-align' is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use the replacement option '-qno-opt-dynamic-align'

/glade/u/apps/opt/intel/2017u1/compilers_and_libraries_2017.1.132/linux/compiler/lib/intel64_lin/for_main.o: In function `main':

for_main.c:(.text+0x2a): undefined reference to `MAIN__'

/glade/scratch/fenghe/ifortrjZdEe.o: In function `mph_module_mp_mph_components_':

mph.f:(.text+0xa06): undefined reference to `mpi_init_'

mph.f:(.text+0xa1c): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_dup_'

mph.f:(.text+0xa32): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_rank_'

mph.f:(.text+0xa48): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_size_'

mph.f:(.text+0x1119): undefined reference to `mpi_type_struct_'

mph.f:(.text+0x112a): undefined reference to `mpi_type_commit_'

mph.f:(.text+0x11be): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_split_'

mph.f:(.text+0x13c6): undefined reference to `mpi_allgatherv_'

mph.f:(.text+0x13fa): undefined reference to `mpi_bcast_'

/glade/scratch/fenghe/ifortrjZdEe.o: In function `mph_module_mp_mph_local_':

mph.f:(.text+0x1da7): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_split_'

mph.f:(.text+0x1dca): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_rank_'

mph.f:(.text+0x1ded): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_size_'

mph.f:(.text+0x1f36): undefined reference to `mpi_gather_'

mph.f:(.text+0x222e): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_split_'

mph.f:(.text+0x2245): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_rank_'

mph.f:(.text+0x2287): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_dup_'

mph.f:(.text+0x22aa): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_rank_'

mph.f:(.text+0x22cd): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_size_'

/glade/scratch/fenghe/ifortrjZdEe.o: In function `mph_module_mp_mph_global_':

mph.f:(.text+0x298f): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_split_'

mph.f:(.text+0x2b92): undefined reference to `mpi_allgatherv_'

mph.f:(.text+0x2bc6): undefined reference to `mpi_bcast_'

/glade/scratch/fenghe/ifortrjZdEe.o: In function `mph_module_mp_mph_comm_join_':

mph.f:(.text+0x3952): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_split_'

/glade/scratch/fenghe/ifortrjZdEe.o: In function `mph_module_mp_mph_timer_':

mph.f:(.text+0x4dc5): undefined reference to `mpi_wtime_'

/glade/scratch/fenghe/ifortrjZdEe.o: In function `mph_module_mp_mph_init_':

mph.f:(.text+0x72d6): undefined reference to `mpi_init_'

mph.f:(.text+0x72ec): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_dup_'

mph.f:(.text+0x7302): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_rank_'

mph.f:(.text+0x7318): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_size_'

mph.f:(.text+0x79f8): undefined reference to `mpi_type_struct_'

mph.f:(.text+0x7a09): undefined reference to `mpi_type_commit_'

Makefile:35: recipe for target 'mph.o' failed


gmake: *** [mph.o] Error 1






Your build should be using MPIFC and MPICC to invoke the mpi libraries.   

CESM Software Engineer


Thanks, jedwards.

I want to give you some update on porting the CCSM3 code from yellowstone ( /glade/p/cesm/cseg/releases/ccsm3_0_1_beta33) to cheyenne.

In short, the good news is that I can get CCSM3 build on cheyenne, and the bad news is that when I submit the job to cheyenne, it hangs and I don't get any model output.


Here is how I get the CCSM3 code build on cheyenne:

I need to change the following three lines in models/bld/Macros.Linux

I made the 1st change because the CCSM3 configuration I use don't need both libraries. I made the 2nd and 3rd change because some lines of ocean and sea ice code is longer than 72 characters. 


< SLIBS      := -L$(LIB_NETCDF) -lnetcdf

> SLIBS      := -L$(LIB_NETCDF) -lnetcdf  -llapack -lblas


<    FIXEDFLAGS := -fixed -132

>    FIXEDFLAGS := -byteswapio


<    FIXEDFLAGS := -fixed -132

>    FIXEDFLAGS := -byteswapio



 Here is how I changed the CCSM3 batch run script for cheyenne:


On yellowstone, the code is submitted through a command file (poe.cmdfile) in the run script:

mpirun.lsf -cmdfile poe.cmdfile

On cheyenne, I followed the PBS Pro job script examples below on command file (cmdfile)

I changed the yellowstone run script with the following two lines

setenv MPI_SHEPHERD true

mpiexec_mpt poe.cmdfile >&! ccsm3.log.$LID

   But when I submit the run script on cheyenne, I don't get any model output. It seems that I didn't add the command file in the run script correctly.   Will you please give me some suggestions on what I should change to get the CCSM3 job running on cheyenne? Thanks!







First you do not need the MPI_SHEPHERD line, that is only used for running serial codes on cheyenne.

Second poe.cmdfile is a format specific to the old IBM poe environment, you'll have to find a pbs equivalent.  I have no idea what is but I bet it's also specific to yellowstone and will need to be reformated to work on cheyenne.

CESM Software Engineer

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