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Porting Error: "Expected one child"

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Porting Error: "Expected one child"

Dear Sir/ Madam

               I am trying to port CESM2 model in desktop having LINUX platform. I have changed the sampleconfig_machine.xml and config_compilers.xml based on my sysstem and when I am creating new case I am getting error like expected one child. Please help me and point out the error I am doing, Hereby Iam sending the config_machine.xml and config_compilers.xml I am using.

Error is

stardust@stardust-cosmos:~/cesm2/cesm/cime/scripts$ ./create_newcase --case  /home/stardust/cesm2/WACCM/pramitha_case.001 --res f19_f19 --compset FXHIST --mach stardust-cosmos --run-unsupported
Compset specification file is /home/stardust/cesm2/cesm/cime/../components/cam//cime_config/config_compsets.xml
Compset forcing is Historic transient 
ATM component is CAM cam4 physics:WACCM-X enhanced ionosphere, transport, and electrodynamics:
LND component is clm4.0:Satellite phenology:
ICE component is Sea ICE (cice) model version 5 :prescribed cice
OCN component is DOCN   prescribed ocean mode
ROF component is RTM: River Transport Model
GLC component is Stub glacier (land ice) component
WAV component is Stub wave component
ESP component is 
Pes     specification file is /home/stardust/cesm2/cesm/cime/../components/cam//cime_config/config_pes.xml
Compset specific settings: name is RUN_STARTDATE and value is 2000-01-01
Compset specific settings: name is ATM_NCPL and value is 288
Compset specific settings: name is USE_ESMF_LIB and value is TRUE
Compset specific settings: name is CALENDAR and value is GREGORIAN
Compset specific settings: name is SSTICE_DATA_FILENAME and value is $DIN_LOC_ROOT/atm/cam/sst/
Compset specific settings: name is SSTICE_GRID_FILENAME and value is $DIN_LOC_ROOT/atm/cam/ocnfrac/ 
Compset specific settings: name is SSTICE_YEAR_END and value is 2016
Machine is stardust-cosmos
Pes setting: grid match    is a%1.9x2.5 
Pes setting: grid          is a%1.9x2.5_l%1.9x2.5_oi%1.9x2.5_r%r05_g%null_w%null_m%gx1v6 
Pes setting: compset       is HIST_CAM40%WXIE_CLM40%SP_CICE%PRES_DOCN%DOM_RTM_SGLC_SWAV 
Pes setting: tasks       is {'NTASKS_ATM': -2, 'NTASKS_LND': -2, 'NTASKS_ROF': -2, 'NTASKS_ICE': -2, 'NTASKS_OCN': -2, 'NTASKS_GLC': -2, 'NTASKS_WAV': -2, 'NTASKS_CPL': -2} 
Pes setting: threads     is {'NTHRDS_ATM': 1, 'NTHRDS_LND': 1, 'NTHRDS_ROF': 1, 'NTHRDS_ICE': 1, 'NTHRDS_OCN': 1, 'NTHRDS_GLC': 1, 'NTHRDS_WAV': 1, 'NTHRDS_CPL': 1} 
Pes setting: rootpe      is {'ROOTPE_ATM': 0, 'ROOTPE_LND': 0, 'ROOTPE_ROF': 0, 'ROOTPE_ICE': 0, 'ROOTPE_OCN': 0, 'ROOTPE_GLC': 0, 'ROOTPE_WAV': 0, 'ROOTPE_CPL': 0} 
Pes setting: pstrid      is {} 
Pes other settings: {}
Pes comments: none
 Grid is: a%1.9x2.5_l%1.9x2.5_oi%1.9x2.5_r%r05_g%null_w%null_m%gx1v6 
 Components in compset are: ['cam', 'clm', 'cice', 'docn', 'rtm', 'sglc', 'swav', 'sesp', 'drv', 'dart'] 
Using project from config_machines.xml: vulcan
Using charge_account from config_machines.xml: vulcan
cesm model version found: cesm2.0.0
Batch_system_type is slurm
ERROR: Expected one child



Thanking you




Hello Pramitha,

I am getting the same error message under the same circumstances as you describe. Did you ever find the solution to resolve the error?

-Robert Letscher
University of New Hampshire

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