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porting error:expected one child


Dear Sir/Madam


I am a new CESM user. Recently I came arcoss an error when I was trying to port CESM2.0 model on our server whose operating system is Linux. The command used to create new case is:./create_newcase --case testcase --compset B1850 --res f09_g17_gl4 --machine ibmintel and the error I met is displayed here:




Compset specification file is /gpfsnewhome/tianws4/huyh/cesm/cime/../cime_config/config_compsets.xml


Compset forcing is 1850


Com forcing is Biogeochemistry intercomponent  with diagnostic CO2


ATM component is CAM cam6 physics:


LND component is clm5.0:BGC (vert. resol. CN and methane) with prognostic crop:


ICE component is Sea ICE (cice) model version 5


OCN component is POP2 Ecosystem


ROF component is MOSART: MOdel for Scale Adaptive River Transport


GLC component is cism2 (default, higher-order, can run in parallel):cism ice evolution turned off (this is the standard configuration unless you're explicitly interested in ice evolution):


WAV component is Wave Watch


ESP component is


Pes     specification file is /gpfsnewhome/tianws4/huyh/cesm/cime/../cime_config/config_pes.xml


Compset specific settings: name is RUN_STARTDATE and value is 0001-01-01


Compset specific settings: name is RUN_REFDATE and value is 0130-01-01


Compset specific settings: name is RUN_TYPE and value is hybrid


Compset specific settings: name is RUN_REFCASE and value is b.e20.B1850.f09_g17.pi_control.all.297


Compset specific settings: name is RUN_REFDIR and value is cesm2_init


Machine is ibmintel


ERROR: Expected one child


The configure files are followed by this post. Please tell me what should I do to solve this problem. Any suggestions will be appreciated.



Something goes wrong when I was trying to upload config_compilers.xml

The New file is followed by this comment.


I'm also a new user for CESM. I'm wondering have you solved your problems? And there exists many difference between your commands and mine. 



Thanks for replying!

Well,the problems still remain unsolved. And would you mind show your commands and configure files? I think that might be helpful.

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