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Prescribe surface heat flux to force CAM?

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Prescribe surface heat flux to force CAM?

Hi there,

I am interested in atmospheric circulation responses to anomalous surface heat fluxes. I know that I can add surface heat flux forcing to ocean heat transport (Q) in the slab ocean model, coupled to CAM. Can I impose prescribed surface heat flux instead of prescribed SST in the F compset? If so, does anyone know how to do it? I really appreciate any suggestion. Thank you very much.



I don't think this is possible without code modification.  The
surface heat fluxes passed to CAM are put into the 'cam_in'
import state object.  There is an example of code that overwrites
these surface inputs which is part of the specified dynamics
option in the FV dycore; see the get_met_srf2 subroutine in
dynamics/fv/metdata.F90.  This routine is called at the beginning
of the phys_run2 subroutine.  You could do something similar
without using the FV -offline_dyn option.  A standalone
subroutine could be implemented that reads the specified fluxes
and overwrites the appropriate cam_in component.  This is a
fairly complex coding effort.



I meet the same question and do not know how to do.

Do you solve this problem? If you do, please give me some advice.

I will appreciate your help.



Jing Han

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