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prescribing forest composition and extent?

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prescribing forest composition and extent?

New user here.

Is it possible to run CLM but with prescribed changing forest composition and extent? If so, what files/settings would need to be modified?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks much.


Hi Zachary


Yes, you can with dynamic land-use change. You get this with one of the standard resolutions if you run with a "HIST" compset. So it'll go through historical changes of land-use from 1850 to present day.

From your question it sounds like you are asking about changing forest composition and extent for a regional case though. If you create your own surface datasets you can also create the files that describe the historical change in landuse the landuse timeseries files. If you do this you could then manipulate that file to prescribe whatever sort of forest composition and extent you wanted for your experiement by overwriting the contents with tools that can manipulate NetCDF files.

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