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problem branching cesm1.2 run from cesm1.0 restart

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problem branching cesm1.2 run from cesm1.0 restart


   I am attempting to branch an RCP4.5 integration of WACCM using the cesm1_2_2_1 release from a restart file that was generated as part of the WACCM CMIP5 contribution. I would like to do this in order to output a few years of instantaneous fields that I can then use in a PORT integration. 

   I have created symbolic links for the cam restart files to address the change from a 'cam2' flag to a 'cam' flag. When I run the model, I am getting a "NetCDF: Attribute not found" error in my cesm.log file upon reading the cam restart file and then the run is aborted.

   Is this an namelist issue, i.e. that the namelists are different in the restart file than in my new setup? I'm not sure how to fix this compatibility issue. Any advice? Thanks!



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