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Problem with BUILD in cesm122

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Problem with BUILD in cesm122

Hello everyone,

I need to run CESM122 (for now I have to learn how it works and then I need to run an offline simulation in order to compare the dynamic vegetation simulations obtained with RegCM-CLM, which uses CLM4.5).

I setted my local machine, but I met a problem in the ./*.build setup:


-> ERROR: buildlib.csm_share failed, see /home/michele/CESM/cesm1_2_2_1/directories/builddir/gnu/mpi-serial/nodebug/nothreads/csm_share.bldlog.190610-095541

-> ERROR: cat /home/michele/CESM/cesm1_2_2_1/directories/builddir/gnu/mpi-serial/nodebug/nothreads/csm_share.bldlog.190610-095541


If i check csm_share.bldlog.190610-095541 with cat I obtain


-> /home/michele/CESM/cesm1_2_2_1/models/drv/shr/seq_io_mod.F90:1170:58:


->       rcode = pio_def_dim(cpl_io_file,'time',PIO_UNLIMITED,dimid(1))


-> Error: Symbol ‘pio_unlimited’ at (1) has no IMPLICIT type

-> /home/michele/CESM/cesm1_2_2_1/scripts/MYCASE/Tools/Makefile:643: recipe for target 'seq_io_mod.o' failed

-> gmake: *** [seq_io_mod.o] Error 1

-> gmake  complib -j 1 MODEL=csm_share COMPLIB=libcsm_share.a USER_CPPDEFS="  -DNUM_COMP_INST_ATM=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_LND=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_OCN=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_ICE=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_GLC=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_WAV=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_ROF=1" -f /home/michele/CESM/cesm1_2_2_1/scripts/MYCASE/Tools/Makefile  returned non-zero exit status 2

 I've already tried this: and; I think is ok about it, but I can't to fix the problem.Can somebody help me?Michele 

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