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problem with building CESM on yellowstone

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problem with building CESM on yellowstone

I am having a problem in building my AMIP simulation with version cesm1_0_5 on yellowstone, the errors are:

Wed Apr 16 15:53:14 MDT 2014 /glade/scratch/tingting/f.e10.FAMIPCN.f09_f09.SPARC.ens01/mct/mct.bldlog.140416-155313
ERROR: mct.buildlib failed, see /glade/scratch/tingting/f.e10.FAMIPCN.f09_f09.SPARC.ens01/mct/mct.bldlog.140416-155313
ERROR: cat /glade/scratch/tingting/f.e10.FAMIPCN.f09_f09.SPARC.ens01/mct/mct.bldlog.140416-155313

I found that there is a same issue posted in forums, so I followed the suggestions that remove the mct bld directory and compiler with ifort. However, it still failed!

I am guessing this build problem is related to the upgrade of yellowstone, cause my AMIP simulation worked well before the upgrade.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



It looks like you are trying to link the nco library.   This may be intentional or it may be an error in one of the loaded modules. 

Try adding the line

module load nco

to your case env_mach_specific file.  

CESM Software Engineer



Thanks for replying.

I've done as you suggested, and am still getting that error. 

I looked the file 'mct.bldlog.xxxxxx-xxxxxx', which said:

Copying source to CCSM EXEROOT...
New build of MCT
Running configure...
for OS=LINUX MACH=yellowstone
cat: Filepath: No such file or directory
cat: Srcfiles: No such file or directory
/glade/u/home/tingting/cesm1/f.e10.FAMIPCN.f09_f09.SPARC.ens01/Tools/mkSrcfiles > /glade/scratch/tingting/f.e10.FAMIPCN.f09_f09.SPARC.ens01/mct/Srcfiles
cp -f /glade/scratch/tingting/f.e10.FAMIPCN.f09_f09.SPARC.ens01/mct/Filepath /glade/scratch/tingting/f.e10.FAMIPCN.f09_f09.SPARC.ens01/mct/Deppath
/glade/u/home/tingting/cesm1/f.e10.FAMIPCN.f09_f09.SPARC.ens01/Tools/mkDepends Deppath Srcfiles > /glade/scratch/tingting/f.e10.FAMIPCN.f09_f09.SPARC.ens01/mct/Depends
./configure --enable-mpiserial CPPFLAGS=" -DMCT_INTERFACE -DNO_MPI2 -DCO2A -DLINUX -DSEQ_ -DFORTRANUNDERSCORE -DNO_MPIMOD" CC="icc" FC="ifort" F90="ifort" INCLUDEPATH="-I/glade/scratch/tingting/f.e10.FAMIPCN.f09_f09.SPARC.ens01/mct/mpi-serial"
checking whether the C compiler works... no
configure: error: in `/glade/scratch/tingting/f.e10.FAMIPCN.f09_f09.SPARC.ens01/mct':
configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
See `config.log' for more details.
gmake: *** [configure] Error 77
cp: cannot stat `Makefile.conf': No such file or directory
Makefile:4: Makefile.conf: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `Makefile.conf'.  Stop.

Thanks for any help.




This is a module issue, I've filed a help ticket with cisl.

CESM Software Engineer


CISL says that the problem has been resolved.   Please try again from a new login.

CESM Software Engineer


Oh yeah! It works!

Thank you,


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