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problem with ./cesm_setup

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problem with ./cesm_setup


I am trying to set up CESM 1.2.2 on my local cluster. I am getting many errors when invoking cesm_setup. The first errors appeared to be due to the version of Perl I was running as it was too new of a version. I fixed that, but now I have a new error and I am stuck on:

Macros script already created ...skipping

 Machine/Decomp/Pes configuration has already been done ...skipping

 Running preview_namelist script 

 infile is /home/krc139/cesm1_2_2/cases/test.1/Buildconf/cplconf/cesm_namelist 

Can't locate object method "rof" via package "wav" (perhaps you forgot to load "wav"?) at /home/krc139/cesm1_2_2/models/drv/bld/build-namelist line 784.

ERROR: cpl.buildnml.csh failed


ERROR: /home/krc139/cesm1_2_2/cases/test.1/preview_namelists failed: 25344

I looked at the Buildconf/cplconf/cesm_namelist file but there is nothing in there except this:



 Can anyone please provide any advice on what to do?Thanks,Kyle 



The error I am getting appears to be due to the file cesm_namelist, which is generated when I run the script ./cesm_setup, not containing information for build-namelist to use at line 784. Can anybody please provide help on why when I run ./cesm_setup it does not place any model information into the cesm_namelist file it creates?



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