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Problem configuring CAM4 - Linking to MPI library fails - PGI compiler

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Problem configuring CAM4 - Linking to MPI library fails - PGI compiler


I am trying to perform the CAM error growth test as recommended in the CESM1.2.2 User's Guide for port validation on a userdefined machine.  I have been running the CAM configure command with the -test option, and linking to the MPI library is failing (linking to netcdf library and testing Fortran 90 compatible compiler both pass).  I read in other posts that failed MPI library linking could be resolved by checking that the netcdf and MPI libraries are built wiith the same compiler.  I have built my own MPI and netcdf libraries, so I am certain they were built with the same compiler.  Additionally, I have tried running the configure command from both the CESM1.2.2 and CESM1.2.2.1 source code.

I have attached the verbose configure output for both source code versions here.  Some additional information on my operating system and libraries:

-Linux RedHat 7 x86_64

-Netcdf library: netcdf-c-4.5.0, netcdf-fortran-4.4.4, built with pgi/16.10 compiler  

-MPI library:  mvapich2-2.3rc1, built with pgi/16.10 compiler

Thank you for your help.

Katie Mulvaney
Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Gillings School of Public Health, UNC Chapel Hill

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