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Problem with creating surface data for single-point run on userdefined machine

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Problem with creating surface data for single-point run on userdefined machine


Dear all,


I am trying to create a surface data set for a single-point in CESM 1.2.2 run on a userdefined machine. Therefore, I am following Example 5-5 under this link: creates most of the necessary files, but before the last file "" is created the script stops with the  message "No support for --netcdf4 or UGRID on machines other than yellowstone/caldera/geyser". Other people seem to encounter the same problem:


Is there any solution for this problem or is it simply impossible to run a custom single-point run on a userdefined machine?


Thanks for any help,




Hi Martin,

I've run into the same problem while creating surface data for a regional run. Did you find a solution/workaround?




Hi Henrique,

I did not find a real solution. checks wether you are running the script on a NCAR machine or not. If it runs on a NCAR machine, it will go to a hardcoded directory on these machines and run a script there (Search for "MY_ESMF_REGRID" in to find more info).

Anyway, this is only the case for CLM 4.5. Therefore I decided to switch to CLM 4.0 by running mkmapdata with the "-p clm4_0" option.

BTW: If you are running a single point run, your next error will most probably be "(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: (shr_tInterp_getCosz)  ERROR: lon lat cosz sizes disagree". This is because (on my machine at least) single point runs do not work. Therefore, I switched to a 2x2 run.






I am currently running into the exact same problem...
Right now, I will start trying to change the so that it fits to our machine, but we will see.

Changing to CLM 4.0 is no option for me, as I want to evaluate my source code changes within the models of CLM 4.5.


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