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problem with the short-term archiving script

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problem with the short-term archiving script

Hi all,

I am trying to run CAM5-MAM7 and in a first attempt to test a case with the default parameters.

The run ends well but apparently there is a problem with copying the files from the run directory to the storage scratch directory.

I copy what slurm.out says:

Sat Mar 10 14:33:04 CET 2018 -- CSM EXECUTION BEGINS HERE

Sat Mar 10 16:50:04 CET 2018 -- CSM EXECUTION HAS FINISHED

(seq_mct_drv): ===============       SUCCESSFUL TERMINATION OF CPL7-CCSM ===============

Archiving cesm output to /scratch/CESM/scripts/MAM7_test2

Calling the short-term archiving script start of short-term archiving

mv: cannot stat `/scratch/CESM/scripts/MAM7_test2/*': No such file or directory restart files from end of run will be saved,

               interim restart files will be deleted short-term archiving completed successfully

/home/abossolasco/cesm1_2_2/scripts/MAM7_test2/run/Tools/ccsm_getenv: No such file or directory.

gzip: timing/ccsm_timing_stats.180310-143234: No such file or directory


I really appreciate any help or suggestion of how to proceed to fix this error.


The directories /scratch/CESM/scripts/MAM7_test2/ and /home/abossolasco/cesm1_2_2/scripts/MAM7_test2/run/Tools/ must exist and be accessable from the compute nodes.  


Hi jedwards 

Thank you very much for your reply.

The directory   /scratch/CESM/scripts/MAM7_test2/ exist and in fact the logs files are copy there, but not in the hist

on the other hand  /home/abossolasco/cesm1_2_2/scripts/MAM7_test2/run/ also exist but I dont have the Tool directory here just the nc output file and timing directory.

Could it be just an access problem?



Are they accesable from all of the compute nodes you are using?   Sometimes nodes will drop access to shared filesystems, you can do something like

 ls /scratch/CESM/scripts/MAM7_test2/*   from each of the compute nodes or contact your system administrator to verify access. 


I got the same error message from standard output as follows. What I am really confused is : 1) if I follow the step-by-step procesure to create newcase, setup, and build, "Tools" directory will be uder the $CASEROOT instead of $CASEROOT/run - so I am wondering if I need to manually create Tools directory under $CASEROOT/run and copy everything from $CASEROOT/Tools there; 2) Although I get this error message, there is no error appearing in any of the component log files (*.log.XXXX). Also, all the expected outputs seem to be generated, inclusing the restart files. I am wondering in this case, shoudl I assume all the runs are successfully completed, despite those error message in standard output?

Any information is appreciated.

-------------- short-term archiving completed successfully
/net/fs05/d1/xgao/cesm_sl/cases/testCAS00/run/Tools/ccsm_getenv: No such file or directory.
gzip: timing/ccsm_timing_stats.180429-093029: No such file or directory



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