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Problems with DEBUG = FALSE intel14

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Problems with DEBUG = FALSE intel14

Hi evryone

I write because I found a problem when I try to run cesm1_2_2, setting DEBUG = FALSE in env_build.xml.
Apparently when DEBUG = FALSE using the intel 14 compiler, in the Macros file the default option that is written is:

ifeq ($(DEBUG), FALSE)
   FFLAGS += -O2

When I use this in the model, the model crash, and doesn't give any clear error.

However if  I set in the Macros file:
ifeq ($(DEBUG), FALSE)
   FFLAGS += -O1

This works, and of course the model run mach faster that in DEBUG True
It is ok if I leave the option -O1??
Someone can tell me which the difference between this two FFLAGS?

Thank you very mach



If you cannot compile with -O2 which is a very conservative optimization level it may indicate a problem in your code that should be addressed.   However intel 14 is a very old compiler which has been out of support for some 5 years now.   Please see if you have access to and can use a modern compiler - intel 17 or newer.

CESM Software Engineer

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