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question about TTEND

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question about TTEND


I have two questions about TTEND

1) Is TTTEND the default field in the master field list?

I would like to have output history files of 6-hourly values of TTEND, (fincl2='TTEND', nthfrq = 0, -6)

In the log file, I got the following error message: 

FLDLST: TTEND in fincl(           1 ) not found

2) There are a few other variables related to the T tendency, and I am wondering what are the difference between TTEND, TTEND_TOT, T_TTEND? 




It appears that "TTEND" is never output for the FV or SE dycores, so it should not be used. TTEND_TOT is the total temperature tendency each timestep, and PTTEND is the temperature tendency due to the physics specifically. T_TTEND is a copy of the temperature from the previous timestep, stored in the physics buffer. It is not a history field and cannot be written to a history file.

Sean Patrick Santos

CESM Software Engineering Group

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