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question about 'za' unrecognized argument -grid_file

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question about 'za' unrecognized argument -grid_file


I have downloaded the diagnostic package-- popdiag_rel_20121121 and changed related roots.

When I run the popdiag.csh, it shows:

 "no monthly files exist...cannot create climatology
 ERROR : unrecognized argument -grid_file
 USAGE : za [OPTION]..."

options :
  -h|-help (print this help message)
  -o outfilename [default:]
  -time_const (apply averaging to time constant fields)
  -A (if outfilename exists, append to it)
  -O (if outfilename exists, overwrite it)
  -N (no normalization, i.e. compute area sums as opposed to area averages)
  -v var1[,var2[...]] variables to process
  -x process all variables EXCEPT those specified with -v
  -rmask_file filename [default:]

but, the popdiag.csh code include this '-grid_file' choice:

 if ($SWIFT == 0) then
187     za -O -time_const -grid_file $gridfile $TAVGFILE

Do you have any advice?




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