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reading of emissions and external forcings

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reading of emissions and external forcings


I have few queries:

  1. I am wondering where in CAM are the accumulation and aitken mode number files read. The files are ar5_mam7_num_a1_[surf/elev], ar5_mam3_num_a2_[surf/elev] and ar5_mam7_num_a3_[surf/elev]
  2. after reading the above files, where does their categorization into different modes occur?
  3. Are the mixing ratios of the species, for example BC, present in different modes (accumulation & primary carbon) differ or remains the same?
  4. In context of the above (3) --- the modes are characterized by the size ranges and std dev. I am unable to understand how it influences the species present in the mode. Can any references be provided?
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