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restart cesm with extra fields in tavg_contents does not work

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restart cesm with extra fields in tavg_contents does not work


I did a 200 year spinup run with the f05_t12 resolution version of CESM1.0.4. The POP component of the model outputs so called restart history files like  I now would like to add extra POP variables like PDU, PDV and PDW. For adding these fields I do not have to modify any code so I simply added these lines to the file tx0.1v2_tavg_contents

1  PDU
1  PDV
1  PDW

However when I then run the model it crashes with this message in the ccsm.log file:

POP aborting...
 Error in getting varid for netCDF field

I found out that the model tries to find the field PDU in the rpointer.ocn.tavg file ( and this field is indeed not there.

How can I restart my run and get these extra fields as POP output? Is it not possible to restart from only the .r. restart file instead of both the .r. and the .rh. restartfiles?

Or should I do a branch or hybrid restart?

Many thanks for any input on this.








Anybody ...?



It looks like you are attempting to add a tavg field in the midst of a time interval over which the tavg module is expecting to average that field. The model is expecting a running sum in the tavg restart file and is aborting because it is not present.

One option for you is to add the new fields to tavg_contents when the model date is on the boundary of a time interval over which tavg averages are being computed. For example, if you are creating monthly means with tavg, then add the new fields on a month boundary.

If this option is not convenient, another option is utilize the ltavg_has_offset_date and tavg_offset_* namelist variables ( These options enable changing the reference date POP is using when determining the time average interval boundaries. By default, POP determines these boundaries with respect to the beginning of the run. For example, if you request 5-day means, the time interval boundaries are every 5th day, starting from the beginning of the run. You can use these tavg offset namelist variables to change the reference date from the beginning of the run. For example, if you put the lines

ltavg_has_offset_date = .true. .false. .false.
tavg_offset_days = 11 2 2

in user_nl_pop2, then interval boundaries will be with respect to day 11. Hope this helps,Keith

Dear Keith,

I'm so sorry, I already replied to this post but something must have gone wrong. You are a lifesaver!! This indeed did the trick!

Thank you for taking the time to help me out.

All the best, Michael



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