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Restarts and Reading Atmosphere Forcing Data from Stream Files

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Restarts and Reading Atmosphere Forcing Data from Stream Files

Hi All,

I had significant problems getting restarts to read the correct time so I thought I would post my solution, as it was not obvious to me what all is necessary to do restart in clm. 

Set Up: Transiet historical simulation starting in 1850 with atmosphere cycled from 1901 to 1920.

Problem: After the simulation reached 1900, I wanted to stop cycling and read forcing data from 1901 to 2010. I did this by restarting the model in 1901 and updating the stream files to contain the years 1901-2010, but the model just stopped reading data when it reached 1920. No error message was thrown, but the output was obviously wrong (January temperature and GPP pattern in August).

Basically I wanted to change align, start, and end from 1901,1901,1920 to 1901,1901,2010, but the newly created stream files were not being read.

Solution: Restarts create a number of files and *datm.rs1.yyyy-mm-dd-0000.bin is not necessary for a restart. It just hard codes the stream file dates, overwriting stream files and env_run.xml. If you move *datm.rs1.yyyy-mm-dd-0000.bin out of the run directory, the simulation correctly reads the forcing data prescribed in the stream files and env_run.xml.

I think the point of this *datm.rs1.yyyy-mm-dd-0000.bin is to speed up reading data upon a restart, but it is a problem if you want to change your stream file at some point in your simulation. Both clm4.5 and clm5 have this issue.

If anyone disagrees with me about the importance of *datm.rs1.yyyy-mm-dd-0000.bin, please let me know because as far as I can tell, my simulations have the correct values now that I remove this file when I stop cycling the data. 



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