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resubmit option not working in AMIP type runs

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resubmit option not working in AMIP type runs


I am running a user defined compset that is manily a AMIP type run with CLM4.5.

Case Direcotry is: 



I want it to run from 1979 to 2014. Accodingly i set the relavant variabiles: STOP_OPTION = nmonts, STOP_N = 9, CONTINUE_RUN=TRUE, RESUMIT = 47

Howvere, after completing first 9 months job exit out of the que and does not resubmit it automatically in the que. So my bjob status shows that i have no unfinished job in the que.

It succeffuly writes the history file the complted simulations.

Any suggestion in this regard is highly appreciated.


Best Regards






In your run script at line 258 (after the st_archive)



CESM Software Engineer

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