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Resubmit run but stop if reach model end

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Resubmit run but stop if reach model end

I'm looking to do a simulation for 48 model hours. I want it to automatically resubmit if I reach the max walltime but stop if it's run for 48 hours (of course). But when I do this, it seems to keep going. E.g: I set RESUBMIT=2, STOP_N=48, STOP_OPTION=nhours, and upon reaching 48 hours, it resubmits so that the final run is for six days instead of two. Is there a way to do what I want?

Alex Charn


We don't have a good way of doing what you want right now.   STOP_N is the amount of simulation you will do in each submit and RESUBMIT is the number of times you will submit so if STOP_N=48 and RESUBMIT=2 you will get a total of 144 hours of simulation.    You need to choose a STOP_N which is less than the queue wallclock time, the model does not exit cleanly if the wallclock time is exceeded and so you will not get restart files to continue from.

CESM Software Engineer

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