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run CESM1_2_0 in cheyenne with 'without calling MPI_Finalized()' error and abort job

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run CESM1_2_0 in cheyenne with 'without calling MPI_Finalized()' error and abort job

I try to run CESM1_2_0 (that is also CAM5.3) in cheyenne machine and I encounter an annoying error that bothers me a lot.


I run FC5  compset and res f19_f19.

I simplify my script to the classic 4 steps: ./create_newcase, ./case.setup, ./, ./case.submit

No matter how I run the CESM1_2_0, I have the error in cesm.log file, like -1:MPT ERROR: MPI_COMM_WORLD rank 50 has terminated without calling MPI_Finalize()
-1:     aborting job

and the rank # is different and kind of arbitrary every time.


I guess it should be some conflict between cheyenne machine(like compiler, MPI etc.) and CESM1.2.0 source code but I am not quite sure.


I wonder does anyone else ever run CAM5.3 in cheyenne or do some test run?


I appreciate your kind help and assistance!





Lin Lin

Dear Lin, Have you solved the problem? I got similar error in my cesm.log file, wondering whether you could share your trouble shooting experience on this issue. Thank you very much! Best, Wenwen

Hello Wen,

It is really hard to say how to solve this problem. Check more detail in your cesm.log file to see other error information.

As I know, almost every single error in the code will lead to this general MPI error.



Lin Lin

Lin Lin

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