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run speed too slow using cesm 1.2.2

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run speed too slow using cesm 1.2.2

Hi there,

I want to ask how to load balance my simulation, since i only get 0.68 simulation years one wall clock day. 

I'm using CESM version 1.2.2, my compset choice is E1850C5CN with CN model been turned off (which means I set "CLM_CONFIG_OPTS"="-phys clm4_0"). And I set DEBUG=TRUE (False will lead to error).

I use 6 nodes, 16 cores per node, so all together i have 96 cores, fully sequential PE layout setting (all components 96,1,0).  STOP_OPTION=ndays, STOP_N=20,  startup type, ColdSTART=on.

Why the speed seems so slow ?   I look into the time log, it seems the cam component run too slow. Below is my time log. 





    TOT Run Time:    6914.732 seconds      345.737 seconds/mday         0.68 myears/wday 

    LND Run Time:      44.669 seconds        2.233 seconds/mday       105.99 myears/wday 

    ROF Run Time:       2.879 seconds        0.144 seconds/mday      1644.41 myears/wday 

    ICE Run Time:    1361.967 seconds       68.098 seconds/mday         3.48 myears/wday 

    ATM Run Time:    5250.835 seconds      262.542 seconds/mday         0.90 myears/wday 

    OCN Run Time:       5.696 seconds        0.285 seconds/mday       831.16 myears/wday 

    GLC Run Time:       0.000 seconds        0.000 seconds/mday         0.00 myears/wday 

    WAV Run Time:       0.000 seconds        0.000 seconds/mday         0.00 myears/wday 

    CPL Run Time:     193.142 seconds        9.657 seconds/mday        24.51 myears/wday 

    CPL COMM Time:    308.554 seconds       15.428 seconds/mday        15.34 myears/wday 


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