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Running adiabatic simulations

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Running adiabatic simulations

Hi Everyone

I am trying to run either a F or E compset witn atm configuration set to "-phys adiabatic" in cesm 1.0.5. However, I get this message even with the debug level set to high: 



CNST_ADD: advected tracer index greater than pcnst =            1

do I need to turn off or on or change any other xml line to run a adiabatic case? I see that in version 1.2 a F_ADIAB_PHYS case is an available configuration and it has all other components of the model are set to stub mode. I also saw at an earlier post by eaton:

socn is "stub ocean". This is used in standalone CAM for configurations where there are no surface interactions, such as when running with the adiabatic or ideal physics options.

Does this mean I need to manually turn all other model component to stub mode or does cesm1.0.5 have a adiabatic compset?

Paul Acosta
University of New Hampshire

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