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Running CESM2.0+CLM5 with idealized land mass

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Running CESM2.0+CLM5 with idealized land mass

We are attempting to reproduce some simulations we had previously run with CESM1.1.1/CLM4 that used an idealized elliptical landmass centered on the dateline (50N to 50S, 150E to 150W).  In the CLM4 simulations we set PCT_GLACIER to zero everywhere, and with the other appropriate modifications to surfdata, we ran for one time step, use interpinic, and then restarted the simulation with the newly generated clm init file.


With CESM2.0 and CLM5, we are running with an F2000climo compset at 2 degree resolution and have made the same modifications as before to the topo and surfdata files, and we've set use_init_interp = .true. in user_nl_clm.  But the model crashes at initialization with the following error:


surfrd_special ERROR: sum of wt_glc_mec not 1.0 at nl=         196


which is repeated for a number of other gridcells.  We had modified PCT_GLC_MEC to be zero everywhere but apparently the CLM thinks there should be glaciers when we don't want any.


Is there any solution to this?



Mark Branson


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