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Running WACCM with rotation of the earth reversed

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Running WACCM with rotation of the earth reversed



I would like to run the F_2000_WACCM_SC model configuration for CESM 1.2.2 with the direction of rotation of the earth reversed. However, I cannot seem to find an obvious place in the code to make this alteration. How might I go about making this change? Would it involve altering the model code itself? If so, where in the model code might I look to do this?


Thank you very much!


Laurel Regibeau-Rockett

Laurel A Regibeau-Rockett
Stanford Unversity


From grepping the code, I found the angular velocity of the Earth is defined in this module:


 real(r8), public, protected :: omega      = shr_const_omega        ! earth rot ~ rad/sec

     omega       = 2.0_R8*pi/sday

You could try setting that to the negative of that value. I do not know if there are other places in the code where this is defined. You might also ask about this in the CAM forum here.

Mike Mills
WACCM Liaison
Atmospheric Chemistry Division
NCAR Foothills Lab
Boulder, Colorado USA


Thanks :) 

Laurel A Regibeau-Rockett
Stanford Unversity

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