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runoff_map tool error in cesm1_4_beta04

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runoff_map tool error in cesm1_4_beta04

Hi there,

I'm attempting to generate runoff maps to apply to CESM iceberg coupling project.  I can successfully build the runoff_map tool in cesm1_4_beta04, but upon running it it dies with error:

./runoff_map: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I'd love some help in pointing to the location of this object file: I suspect it might require a module load..?


Jeremy Fyke


Jeremy Fyke


Update: when I build runoff_map using just 'gmake' instead of the supplied 'build.csh' the code appears to run.  I suspect there may be an error in the latter script.

Jeremy Fyke


Hi Jeremy,

You are running into this at the same time as we are.   The runoff_map program is serial but is incorrectly being compiled as if it were parallel

I got it to work as follows

1. change MPILIB to mpi-serial in build.csh

2. Make sure that SFC is pointing to the serial version of the compiler and not to MPIF90 in the Makefile.


CESM Software Engineer


OK got it, thanks Jim.


Jeremy Fyke

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