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SCAM in CESM2 --user-mods-dir ../../components/cam/cime_config/usermods_dirs/

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SCAM in CESM2 --user-mods-dir ../../components/cam/cime_config/usermods_dirs/

Hello all,


I am trying to run SCAM in CESM2.

I found in the CESM2 user guide, SCAM Configuration Options

quote: 'Each of these IOP’s have separate preconfigured settings which are referenced by create_new_case using the –user-mods-dir flag.'


However, I didn't find any preconfigured settting in the directory ../../components/cam/cime_config/usermods_dirs/. which means, 1) I am not able to run even the defaul SCAM model run; 2) I did'nt know what the preconfigured settings look like, therefore I am not able to run user defined SCAM run.


can someone help?


Thank you very much in advance.


Lin Lin

Lin Lin

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