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SCAM History variables and Heat and Water Budgets

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SCAM History variables and Heat and Water Budgets

Can anyone explain how to formulate  proper heat, water and ice budgets with the SCAM 5.3 CESM1.2.2?  A list is given with brief decriptions, but I cannot find an exact definition of what these terms include.  For example PTTEND is the same numbers as ZMDT.  The first is supposed to be total physics T tendency and the second is supposed to be Zhang-McFarlane T tendency.  What does DTCOND (moist processes) include?  I've spent some time trying to reverse-engineer what these things are, but that is unsatisfying.

Where in the code can you see how these things are computed?




    The attached are summaries of heat, specific humidity, cloud ice/water
 budgets for CAM5.  In their crude form you may find them almost as unsatisfying.
 The budgets are pretty much complete with the caveat that budgets tend to be
 a moving target from model version to model version.  The attached have budgets
 for CAM3 and CAM5.  Terms in [] are post-processed terms derived from existing
 model history terms.

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