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SCAM reads some IOP data at incorrect times

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SCAM reads some IOP data at incorrect times

I am having a problem using SCAM to run the arm97 case.

It seems that some prescribed variables are output at incorrect times in the CAM history files as compared to the input dataset.

As an example, when I print out the LHFLX variable from the input IOP dataset, I see the following numbers (the number in brackets is the output timestep number):
[1]: 144.9267
[2]: 134.8520
[3]: 124.8881
[4]: 115.1458
[5]: 105.7360

When I look at the same variable from the SCAM output file, I see the following:
[1]: 144.9267
[2]: 144.9267
[3]: 134.8520
[4]: 124.8881
[5]: 115.1458

The first value in the IOP file is repeated twice in the output file. I believe that this first value of LHFLX is actually being used for two timesteps in the simulation, rather than just for one timestep as would be expected. I would expect the IOP data and the SCAM output data to match for this field at every timestep.

Also, the times and timesteps in the SCAM output file correspond exactly to the times and timesteps in the IOP input file (that is, timestep 1 in the output file has the exact same date as timestep 1 in the IOP input file), so that is not the issue.

I am using CAM version 5_3_38 and the Eulerian dycore.

Any ideas as to what could be wrong?

Thanks for the help!


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