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SE dycore initiliazation / crash on IBM Power6

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SE dycore initiliazation / crash on IBM Power6

Dear all,

I am using CESM1 (v1.2.0) on (, an IBM Power6 machine.

I ported the relevant machine files, and a finite volume run works fine:

./create_newcase -res 4x5_4x5     -case F2000CN.4x5 -compset F_2000_CN -mach blizzard -pecount cores4


./create_newcase -res ne16np4_ne16np4 -case F2000CN.ne16np4 -compset F_2000_CN -mach blizzard -pecount cores4

crashes during initialization:

end of atm logfile output:

1: Opened existing file /scratch/b/b380029/DATA/CESM1/atm/cam/inic/homme/ 62
1: Opened existing file /scratch/b/b380029/DATA/CESM1/atm/cam/topo/ 63

Corefiles are produced, and dbx sais:

Segmentation fault in mpi_init.REG_3stream_store at 0x900000002f8f5c4
0x900000002f8f5c4 (REG_3stream_store+0x1e4) c8160008         lfd   fr0,0x8(r22)

Note that the same setup works fine on my own machine.

If I compile with qflttrap option, the crash occurs in prim_driver_mod:

Trace/BPT trap in Fprim_driver_mod.__prim_driver_mod_NMOD_prim_init2 at line 614 in Fprim_driver_mod.f"
  614                            elem(ie)%state%Qdp(i,j,k,q,n0_qdp)=elem(ie)%state%Q(i,j,k,q)*dp 

Has anyone got an idea what I'm doing wrong, or how to fix that? Thanks very much!


Some more details:

-The bluefire setup files were used as starting point.

-Compiler versions: IBM/xlf13.1.0.8 and IBM/xlC11.1.0.8

-logfiles are attached


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