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Segmentation fault when initializing the ocean component

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Segmentation fault when initializing the ocean component

The model was running well until recently I got a segmentation fault when it initialized the ocean component.

I tried to use previous restarting files to re-run the model, and I also tried to rebuid the model, with no success.

The initiallization stoped at :

Transport Diagnostics Information



Latitudinal Auxiliary Grid Choice is:

 ... based on flipped Southern Hemisphere latititude grid


Transport diagnostics include:





 The following            6

  regions will be included in the n_transport_reg = 2 transports:

  Atlantic Ocean                     ( 6)

  Mediterranean Sea                  ( 7)

  Labrador Sea                       ( 8)

  GIN Sea                            ( 9)

  Arctic Ocean                       (10)


  Hudson Bay                         (11)

I could not find no other clue in the log files except the ocean log file stop here.  Any suggestion is highly appreciated. Thanks 








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