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Selection of surface data and initial data for running irrigation in CLM4.5BGCCROP

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Selection of surface data and initial data for running irrigation in CLM4.5BGCCROP


     I am trying to run CLM4.5 (component set: ICRUCLM45BGCCROP) with irrigation turned on, with the surface data and initial data downloaded from the input data server on When the irrigation turned off (irrigate = .false. in user_nl_clm), the cases ran normally. However, once I turned on irrigation by setting irrigate = .true. in user_nl_clm and CLM_BLDNML_OPTS = "-irrig .true." , the runs were not successful and generated different errors.

1. PFT weights are SIGNIFICANTLY different from the input finidat

    This occurs when I used surface data and initial data with older date-stamp (eg. 130419, 130515) , it clearly stated that I should use the interpinic function under CLM tools to interpolate the initial data. I haven't tried this function yet, so I want to ask whether someone can successfully run with irrigation after interpolating the initial data. Thanks.


2. PCT_PFT not in surface data

    This  occurs when I used more recent surface and initial data (date-stamp 141226, 150108 for example),  I  found that for these .nc files, only PCT_CFT ("percent crop functional type on the crop landunit (% of landunit)") can be found instead of PCT_PFT ("percent plant functional type of gridcell"). I am not sure whether we can modify the data in these recent surface data such that the system can read it.

3. Mismatch of input dimension 79 with expected value 25 for variable lsmpft

   This error occurs when I tried to use data set with more PFT (eg. and and I am not sure whether we can change the expected value of lsmpft.


     These are the errors I encountered and I am not sure how to successfully run a crop model with irrigation on. It would be great if someone can share what dataset should be used during an irrigation run.






Hi Jacky,

Im facing the same problem. Im running my model with crop ON at 1.9x2.5 resolution.  My PFT weights are different than the expected input weights. Do I need to interpolate to use the intital data file?


Please let me know if you could solve the issue without interpolating? Will be great help!




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