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Slab-ocean aquaplanet fails in 4xCO2 run

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Slab-ocean aquaplanet fails in 4xCO2 run

Hi all,

I've been running CESM1.2.2 (CAM4) in a slab-ocean aquaplanet configuration. Running with pre-industrial CO2 concentrations is fine, but when I run 4xCO2 simulations the model crashes after ~8 years with the following error message:


Lagrangian levels are crossing

Suggest to increase NSPLTVRM.

When I tried increasing NSPLTVRM from 1 to 2 (using user_nl_cam), the model failed to run with the error:

ERROR: Bad namelist settings for FV subcycling.

Has anybody had issues running a slab-ocean aquaplanet at high temperatures? Any suggestions for how to solve this?



Dr Mike Byrne
Lecturer (University of St Andrews)
Marie Curie Research Fellow (University of Oxford)

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