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SOA simulation in CAM5

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SOA simulation in CAM5


I am trying carry out a CAM5 (CESM1.2.1) simulation with full SOA chemistry treatment. I have conducted simulations using F_2000_MOZMAM_CN as well as F_2000_STRATMAM3_CN compsets. Unfortunately, I am finding no significant difference in SOA output variables in both these two simulations compared to standard F_2000_CAM5 simulation. I am also noting that just like the standard CAM5 simulation, these two compsets are also reading the same 'soag' emission file. Although, the MOZMAM and STRATMAM compsets are reading additional emission files such as 'BIGENE', numerous hydrocarbons, tulune etc. but, why am I not seeing any significant difference in simulated SOA concentrations between these compsets and standard CAM5 simulation.

What is the right comset carrying out CAM5 (CESM1.2.1) simulation with full SOA chemistry treatment ?

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