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Some slab ocean questions

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Some slab ocean questions

Dear all,

I have some questions about slab ocean mode.

(1) I used slab ocean mode coupled with CAM4, CLM4, and CICE (E1850CN compset). Are all the proesses related to ocean (SSTs update, etc.) included in docn_comp_mod.F90?     I saw sea ice also has a subroutine calculating sea surface temeprature change.

(2) Does slab ocean read radiative fluxes (SWnet, LWup, LWdn, Sensible heat, Latent heat, q-flux, etc.) directly from other componets like atmosphere? What about grids with both sea ice and ocean? 

(3) How slab ocean perceives diurnal cycle and seasonal cycle?  other components calculate zenith angle but I didn't see such process in slab-ocean part. Is that included in CPL part? 

(4) In one of my testing run, I fixed atmosphere forcing at each time step and all similar to defualt 1850 annual-mean condition. However, sea surface temperature keep decreasing. 






Dear dbailey,


I am sorry to bother you once again.


I have read the FAQ and some references listed there.  The reason I did not post there is because I am less sure that my error is caused by Q-flux. 


I tested my modifications with provided SOM file as well ( However, in both cases sea ice forms everywhere and TOA net flux stays far away from zero (about -8W/m2).       I cannot understand this because I did not change any model physics, and the spatial patterns of all radiative fluxes seems pretty well under fixed-SST mode and in the first month of slab ocean run (with ocean layer thickness set to 5000m).  


For my understanding, Q-flux may lead to significant bias compared to control case but it should not lead to such huge anomaly. The model cannot restore itself to zero TOA net flux and sea ice keeps forming all the time. I tested the default slab ocean case with zero Q-flux, it works well with sea ice fraction increasing to about 0.3.


I am thinking if I missed something while changing the code and I have spent a lot of time checking it. However, CICE and DOCN parts are difficult…  I think the first thing to do now is to make sure I make everything correct then I can move on. If I can make sure all my modifications are correct, then I would like to diagnose a Q-flux from fully coupled run. 


So, I really appreciate if I can get any suggestion here…  Thank you so much!







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