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SPOOKIE experiment with CAM5 physics

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SPOOKIE experiment with CAM5 physics

Dear all,

I am trying to setup CAM5 for SPOOKIE experiment where both shallow and deep convection are set OFF. More details about the SPOOKIE are described,= here Here shallow and deep convection were set OFF in CAM5.

While the deep convection can be set off by setting "deep_scheme = 'off' " in the user_nl_cam file that lists user defined namelist changes.

A similar strategy for shallow convection scheme (shallow_scheme = 'off') does not work though. How can I set shallow scheme (UW shallow convection scheme) OFF in CAM5 ?

I get the following error:

(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: phys_setopts: illegal value of shallow_scheme
 phys_setopts: illegal value of shallow_scheme:off            





I think that one way to "turn off" the UW shallow convection is to modify compute_uwshcu so that the parameter kinv = 1. You can find the relevant code around lines 1452-1465 in uwshcu.F90 (in CESM 1.2.0, at least).

I think you can just comment out the loop that diagnoses kinv:


!       do k = mkx - 1, 1, -1
!          if( (pblh + 5._r8 - zs0(k))*(pblh + 5._r8 - zs0(k+1)) .lt. 0._r8 ) then
!               kinv = k + 1
!               go to 15
!          endif
!      end do
       kinv = 1
! 15     continue
       if( kinv .le. 1 ) then
           exit_kinv1(i) = 1._r8
           id_exit = .true.
           go to 333

That should effectively shut off shallow convection.

Also, be sure to check that deep_scheme = 'off' is actually working the way you want. I know that when the UW folks did SPOOKIE, they did not use that option, but just changed the threshold for deep convection to be some very large number.

Good luck.

Brian Medeiros
Project Scientist


Thanks a lot Brian. This suggestions is very useful.

I will check if deep_scheme = off works fine.



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